Later Stage

PN3 Solutions reduces their clients purchase order and/or invoice processing costs by improving internal costs and improving organization efficiencies. In addition, PN3 uses systematic tracking and monitoring of vendor contracts and pricing to reduce operating costs.

Eye Controls provide ID solutions needed in healthcare and other industries. Eye Controls design, manufacture and market the patent-pending SafeMatch biometric iris identification system to healthcare facilities across the country. SafeMatch prevents medical and record-keeping errors by accurately matching patients to their records, medications and procedures. Eye Controls continues to be a leader in the clinical ID industry with state of the art products using leading edge technology.

Cash Advance Now provides a convenient online payment system for customers to make payments for a wide range of bills. Speedpay partnered with the country’s largest billers to provide customized payment and presentment strategies that deliver value by containing costs, driving customer satisfaction, and improving cash flow.

Indiggo Associates created a platform for executives to envision articulate and align upon a detailed desired future for their organization, unit or team. The vision that is created is then translated into strategic work plans creating clarity and accountability on goals and measurements, setting the framework for aligned and effective action.

Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company uses premium grades beans from the world’s best growing regions for their organic coffee. Their goal was to create high quality coffee and to also have a positive impact on the environment. Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company dedicates 2% of their coffee sales to organizations in communities throughout the Bay region that work to protect and preserve the Bay and its tributaries and watershed.