Early Stage

Edbacker combines the principles and technology of crowdfunding with a traditional event sponsorship model. Edbacker provides educators with resources and support to build a campaign and raise money easily and securely for important education related projects, programs and events.

Precise Target is the first cross-merchant personalization system designed to recommend appropriate products for retail customers when visiting merchant’s sites or using a shopping app. The system is based on proprietary algorithms and data science, with the goal of significantly advancing the state-of-the-art in predictive product personalization. Cobrain has partnered with 300 of the largest retailers, including Macy’s and Nordstrom, to sift through millions of products so you don’t have to

Sionic Mobile is a mobile marketing company with the focus on customer loyalty/retention. Sionic Mobile helps merchants get and keep mobile savvy customers by uniting mobile ads, gift cards, payments and rewards in a simple, affordable service. Additionally, Sionic Mobile provides non-profit organizations an “always-on” mobile fundraising tool.

Gift Connect aims to redefine and lead the way that brands and publishers reach their desired consumers. Through their “Gift-izer” model, brands and publishers can make richer connections with their consumers. Their platform, e-commerce applications and advertising solutions are built on the idea that advertisements can be more meaningful, more powerful, and more effective by adding a free gift as an incentive for the end user.

Onevest introduces investors to founders. Their mission is to reshape the private equity industry by democratizing early stage investing. Onevest connects founders to capital, allowing their ideas to transform into successful companies while simultaneously creating new investment opportunities for individual investors.

Imperative is the first ever online psychological assessment tool to help individuals and organizations manage meaningful careers. Imperative helps guide purpose-driven people toward the work that is more meaningful to them.